Valentine's Day special: our games for two

Roses are red, violets are blue...

When we think of Valentine's Day, we think of chocolates, little cinnamon candies and lots of hearts. But in the end, the most important thing is to spend quality time with those you love.

That's why we've concocted a list of 5 gentle games for two that will help you enjoy your Valentine's Day, whether it's between lovers or friends.

Monkey Duel / MJ Games

14 + / 30 minutes

Your goal in Monkey Duel is to accumulate points by leaping one's monkeys from bamboo stalk to bamboo stalk across the board.

Monkeys that reach the opponent's side of the board score points. Knocking opposing monkeys off the board also scores points.

Players take turns rolling and exchanging dice in order to bring new monkeys onto the board, move their monkeys, or throw coconuts at opposing monkeys.

Monkeys move in one of two ways, either climbing directly up their current bamboo stalk or leaping to the next one while dropping down one or more spaces in the process.

Monkey Duel is a game of positioning and timing. Monkeys positioned higher up the bamboo stalks hold an offensive advantage, but every move requires giving up some altitude. Monkeys can also keep one another safe, so deciding when to stick together and when to make an individual break for it is key to victory.

Nicodemus / Bombyx

14+ / 45 minutes

Nicodemus Gideon is retiring!

To take his place, 2 assistants of the Dream Factory (the 2 players) will face each other in DUEL and have to reach 20 points or more by repairing machines and completing projects.

During each turn, a player has the choice between two actions:

• Play a machine card from his hand to the Bric-a-brac to earn charcoalium or produce a resource / a charcoalium or apply the effect of the machine,

• Repair a machine from the Bric-a-brac to score victory points and place this machine in his workshop (each resource indicated in the production zone of the machines in the player’s workshop is a reduction in the number of the resources needed to repair the following machines).

Repairing a machine can also help the player to complete specific projects and win other victory points (but he'll lose the reductions of the used machines to complete the project).

Kompromat / Helvetiq

8+ / 30 minutes

In this one-on-one game, take on the mantle of rival spies competing by undertaking daring missions and trying to remain undercover.

The two players compete using blackjack hands to win missions and collect special abilities.

To complete a mission successfully, overtake your opponent but be careful not to go over 21 or you will collect notoriety tokens! Being famous is great, but being too well-known might bring you down...

The game is played in 6 rounds unless one spy loses their cover. Ready to push your luck to be the most successful and elusive spy in the world?

Princess Jing / Matagot

8+ / 30 minutes

A palace can quickly become a maze for an escaping princess, where each mirror can either reveal a way out, or conceal a trap! It is up to her to use them at her advantage, before her guardians turn them into spying devices!

Roberto Fraga created this new game, where each player moves their princess across the board, hiding her progression, while placing allies and mirrors to uncover your opponent’s princess. Escaping the palace and running off with your sweetheart will require both wits and stealth!

Mr Jack / Hurrican

9+ / 30 minutes

The night covers the gloomy alleys with a veil of darkness. Jack the ripper is moving in the shadows...

The finest investigators of the gaslight age have gathered to catch him before he uses the darkness to slip away for good.

The trap is slowly shutting on him... But Jack is cunning. He is in fact impersonating one of the investigators...

Will the others unmask him?