Monkey Duel (multilingual)


Your goal in Monkey Duel is to accumulate points by leaping one's monkeys from bamboo stalk to bamboo stalk across the board. Monkeys that reach the opponent's side of the board score points. Knocking opposing monkeys off the board also scores points. Players take turns rolling and exchanging dice in order to bring new monkeys onto the board, move their monkeys, or throw coconuts at opposing monkeys. Monkeys move in one of two ways, either climbing directly up their current bamboo stalk or leaping to the next one while dropping down one or more spaces in the process. Monkey Duel is a game of positioning and timing. Monkeys positioned higher up the bamboo stalks hold an offensive advantage, but every move requires giving up some altitude. Monkeys can also keep one another safe, so deciding when to stick together and when to make an individual break for it is key to victory.


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Language: EN
Sub-categories: Family games
Language: FR
New Releases: _2019
Number of players: 2
Éditeur: MJ Games
Ages: 14 years
Duration: 30 minutes
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