Almost Innocent (EN)

54,99 $

Almost Innocent is a co-operative deduction game with a progressive story in which your teammates must work together across different scenarios to prove your innocence. Each player will be responsible for the solution of another player. Turn after turn, each player asks select questions that will help not only them, but everyone else playing as well. The goal is to find out who committed the crime, with what weapon, and where before time runs out!


CUP : 3760372230814

Nombre de joueurs: 2 à 4
Langue: EN
Âge: 12 ans
Durée: 30 à 45 minutes
Éditeur: Matagot
Nouveautés: 2023
Catégorie: JEUX
Sous-catégories: Jeux coopératifs
Sous-catégories: Jeux intermédiaires
Catégorie: TOUS

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