Omerta / After dinner games (EN)

21,99 $

Don't get caught 1932, Chicago: You are a prohibition gangster. The Untouchables are about to raid your smuggling warehouse. Get rid of your stock before your opponents get rid of theirs. Goal of the game Play as many rounds as the number of players. Whoever has the lowest score at the end wins. To win a round, you have to be the one who has the lowest stock of bottles when Omerta is called.


CUP : 7640139532220

Langue: FR
Sous-catégories: Jeux de cartes
Sous-catégories: Jeux familiaux
Nouveautés: 2022
Nombre de joueurs: 3 à 5
Éditeur: Helvetiq
Âge: 10 ans
Durée: 20 minutes
Catégorie: JEUX
Catégorie: TOUS