Nicodemus (Anglais)

Nicodemus (anglais)
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Return to the universe of Imaginarium with a game specially designed for 2 players! Do you like when the tension is building up during the game? Do you love blocking games with lots of turnovers, where the slightest mistake can be fatal? Nicodemus is for you! Nicodemus Gideon is retiring! To take his place, 2 assistants of the Dream Factory (the 2 players) will face each other in DUEL and have to reach 20 points or more by repairing machines and completing projects. During each turn, a player has the choice between two actions: • play a machine card from his hand to the Bric-a-brac to earn charcoalium or produce a resource / a charcoalium or apply the effect of the machine, • repair a machine from the Bric-a-brac to score victory points and place this machine in his workshop (each resource indicated in the production zone of the machines in the player’s workshop is a reduction in the number of the resources needed to repair the following machines). Repairing a machine can also help the player to complete specific projects and win other victory points (but he'll lose the reductions of the used machines to complete the project).


CUP : 3760267991033

Nombre de joueurs: 2
Langue: EN
Âge: 14 ans
Durée: 45 min
Éditeurs: Bombyx
Nouveautés: 2022
Catégorie: JEUX
Sous-catégories: Jeux experts
Sous-catégories: Jeux familiaux
Catégorie: TOUS