Valentine's Day special: our great games for two

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun and playful evening by playing one of these exciting board games. Whether you're playing as a couple or with friends, these games will create unforgettable memories and strengthen the bond between you. Check out our selection of the best games to play together this Valentine's Day.

All games are available in French except YOXII.


  • District Noir (from 10 years old, 15 min) published by Spiral Editions, Nominated for the Golden Ace 2023 :

District Noir is a game in which you have to use your tactical sense because you have to manage your hand of cards as well as possible. It is also a game with risk taking and bluffing. You have to try to get your opponent to make bad choices.

Finally, there is a real tension that builds up because players can sometimes win immediately by collecting certain cards.

But the most interesting thing is that you can feel this game experience in games of only 15 minutes and with extremely simple rules.


  • Tokaido Duo (from 8 years old, 20 min) published by Funforge :

In Tokaido Duo, two players travel through the smallest island in the Japanese archipelago. You will traverse its landscapes as three different characters, and thus experience a spiritual journey from three different perspectives. The experience of each character will earn you points. However, the game ends once a player manages to bring one of these facets to its peak.


  • Extension Wingspan (from 10 years old, 60 min) published by Matagot :

In this third expansion of Wingspan, we welcome new species to our habitats as we explore the vibrant, intriguing and beautiful birds of Asia. These birds have been chosen from over 2,800 species living in Asia. This is a stand-alone game for 1 or 2 players. A new Flock mode is also included to expand the Wingspan base game to 6 or 7 players, and these new birds and bonus cards can be combined with the base game and/or previous expansions.

  • YOXII (from 8 years old, 10 min) published by Cosmoludo :

A powerful abstract game, which mixes Chess and Go but looks like neither. In this abstract and minimal universe, you will quickly learn to find attacking positions and to defend yourself. Fun guaranteed!

Anticipation is the key. In this game, everyone will find their own style, strength and tactics. The opening of the game is very strategic and the endgames are more combinatorial. Who will become the new world champion of this fearsome abstract game?


  • Sobek (from 10 years old, 20 min) published by Catch Up Games :

A great classic redesigned for two players.

A new version, for two, of Bruno Cathala's classic! Be clever, even cunning, to sell the best lots of goods while controlling your opponent. But beware, your choices can corrupt you. And corruption has a price... It's all about timing: analyse your opponent's possibilities to make the best moves and win the game!

  • Extension of Sobek :  

A brand new type of tile has appeared on the Sobek market: the coveted Pharaoh's Treasures, a source of great wealth...and corruption! In addition to this new mechanism, additional characters and dugout tokens will further enrich your 2 player Sobek experience.

Please note! This expansion requires the base game to be played.



  • Code Names duo (from 12 years old, 30 min) published by IELLO :

Codenames Duo is a very cooperative game for 2 players (or more) in which you have to find all your Code Names before the time runs out. To do this, you must, in turn, guess or have someone else guess your Code Names by giving the best possible clue. Be careful not to run into the dreaded Assassins on the prowl!


  • Visite Royale (from 8 years old, 20 min) published by IELLO :

A head-on duel full of twists and turns! In Visite Royale, you and your opponent must strategically compete to lure the King into your castle and gain royal favour. The first player to get the King or the Crown into their castle wins immediately! And if the King can't make up his mind, make sure he's in your Kingdom at the end of the game to get his final vote!

Visite Royale is a very clever title that carries all the DNA of the two-player game in the style of Schotten Totten, for fast, nervous games that are always fun.

  • Schotten Totten 2 (from 8 years old, 20 min) published by IELLO :

In Schotten Totten 2, two opponents are now pitted against each other for the capture of a castle. The attacker and the defender must prove their superiority over the wall locations. But this time, each player has different objectives and their own victory conditions! Reinforced by its new asymmetrical dimension, Schotten Totten 2 offers a much denser game that naturally invites you to alternate roles. More tactical and more intense, it invites new types of confrontations while remaining faithful to its illustrious heritage.