Two-player games perfect for Valentine's Day

On the occasion of the celebration of love, we enjoy spending time with our beloved and sharing a special moment. Did you know that it's proven: couples who play together, stay together? Playing a board game could promote an increase in oxytocin secretion among couples, also known as the "love hormone". Couples are often encouraged to enhance their communication, whether in a competitive or strategic dynamic. This increase in interaction would help stimulate oxytocin production, thus promoting emotional closeness between partners. 

Perfect timing, as in this article, we share games perfect for playing as a duo. 

Happy reading! 



The New Releases 


  • Donuts: (Edited by Fungorge, for ages 8 and up) 

In the game Donuts, players engage in a sweet battle between vanilla and chocolate donut enthusiasts. With its simple yet strategic rules, this two-player game offers a captivating challenge: align five donuts while blocking your opponent's moves. Mix, deal, and may the best sweet tooth win! 

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  • Accomplices: (Edited by OldChap Games, for ages 10 and up) 

Accomplices: an engaging game where eager thieves must grab coins without triggering security lasers. Equipped with filtered glasses, each accomplice must cleverly collaborate to navigate obstacles and fill their stash with loot. With 16 rooms and 4 levels of difficulty, each game promises a unique and suspenseful adventure for lovers of cooperative gaming! 

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  • Oxono: (Edited by Cosmoludo, for ages 8 and up)  


Oxono is the newest game in the Cosmoludo lineup! It's an engaging game where the objective is to align 4 identical pieces either by color or symbol, without diagonals or blockages. Cleverly maneuver the X or O totems, position the adjacent pieces, and anticipate your partner's moves. Simple, strategic, and incredibly addictive! 
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The goal of Cosmoludo is precisely to offer something new: puzzle games that are more modern and dynamic, featuring very simple rules and short rounds designed to develop each individual's mind in a playful manner. 




  • Mindbug:(Edited by iello, for ages 8 and up) 


Play Mindbug for a Valentine's Day filled with intrigue and strategy! Summon hybrid creatures and engage in tactical duels where every card played can change the course of the game. Beware of the Mindbugs! These cunning controllers can disrupt your plans in the blink of an eye. Indeed, it's a game inspired by the masters of Magic: The Gathering. 


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  • District Noir: (Edited by Spiral Editions, for ages 10 and up) 


District Noir is a strategy and bluffing game for two players that plunges you into the struggle for control of the Noir District. With a clever mix of tactics, risk-taking, and timing, you confront your opponent to earn points and potentially win the game with a strategic move. Perfect for intense yet swift duels, this game promises captivating matches in just 15 minutes, thanks to its simple and accessible rules. 


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  • Tokaido duo: (Edited by FunForge, for ages 8 and up) 


Tokaido Duo is the two-player version of the famous game Tokaido. Play as three travelers exploring the Japanese island of Shikoku, visiting temples, trading, and creating landscapes. Score points by optimizing your travels for an unforgettable travel experience! 


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  • Wingspan / Extension Asie: (Edited by Matagot, for ages 10 and up) 


Discover the third expansion of Wingspan, an engaging game for 1 or 2 players that transports you to the world of exotic birds from Asia. This expansion, which can be played standalone or integrated with the base game and previous expansions, enriches your experience with new Asian species. 
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The timeless classics: 


  • Sobek: (edited by Catch Up Games, ages 10 and up) 

The two-player version of Sobek has been revisited by Bruno Cathala! Be strategic in selling the best goods while countering your opponent, but beware of corruption that can prove costly. In this game, the construction of the temple dedicated to Sobek intertwines with commercial intrigues where timing and analysis are essential for victory! 


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  • Mr Jack New York Square: (Edited by Hurrican, for ages 9 and up) 


Mr. Jack: a classic among two-player games, where the Investigator hunts down the mysterious Mr. Jack through the dark alleys of New York Square. With different objectives for each player, this enhanced version of the cult game celebrates its 10 years of captivating intrigue and strategy. A perfect way to share intense moments together!

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  • Schotten Totten 2 / Mini Games: (Edited by iello, for ages 12 and up) 


The mini-game Schotten Totten 2 is an epic tactical duel that offers captivating asymmetry, where the attacker and the defender clash for control of a castle. Choose your side and experience unique gaming sensations with distinct objectives and different victory conditions on each side of the wall. Tactical and strategic challenges await you in this intense game with stunning illustrations by Djib! 

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  • Codenames Duo: (edited by iello, for ages 12 and up) 


In Codenames Duo, collaborate as a team to uncover secret agents in this cooperative version of the renowned game. With a mixture of clues and deductions, can you evade the assassin and locate all the agents before time elapses? A delightful challenge for couples from all walks of life! 


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  • Visite Royale: (edited by iello, for ages 8and up) 


In this game, exclusively designed for two players by Reiner Knizia, every strategic move counts to lure the King into your luxuriously illustrated castle by Karl James Mountford. Show cunning, utilize the powers of the Fool and the Sorcerer, and be the first to win the royal favor by bringing the King into your kingdom or by securing his precious final vote! 


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