Travel games - kids edition

We always look forward to the holidays! And who says vacation, says travel.

Naturally, when we go on a trip, we always plan our itinerary and our activities in advance.

But it always happens that we encounter some dead time in spite of ourselves, especially when travelling with children!

That's why we've made a suggested list of 4 pocket-sized travel games that are easy to carry in your suitcase or travel bag.

1. Piratatak / Djeco

2 to 4 players / 5+ / 15 min

Piratatakis a game of tactics!

Adventurous or cautious, everyone has their own strategy to build their boat before the pirates attack it!

2.  Nature Challenge: Carnivore / Bioviva

2 to 6 players / 7+ / 20 min

Bet on the strengths of various animals.

The player who ends up with the strongest hand wins the other players’ cards.

The first to collect all the cards in the game wins.

3. Bandido, Bandida - Pocket Games / Helvetiq

1 to 4 players / 6+ / 15 min

Ready to chase another gangster? Tired of seeing Bandido / Bandida always escaping?

Beware, a new gangsta's coming to town...

Which side will you choose this time: *will you play cop and try to prevent Bandida from escaping, *or join the wild side and help her?

In this Pocket game, you will find all the things you loved about Bandido and more.

Three different ways of playing and cooperating all together bring the event more fun. The rules are still super easy to learn and it is still not that easy to win!

A variant makes it possible for players to use their Bandido and Bandida cards together.

4. Doodle It Book / Jaq Jaq Bird


The Doodle It Book erasable book that provides an endless landscape for your child's creative energy.

It's great for home, travel, restaurant meals, and just about anywhere your child has downtime.

It comes with 4 ButterStix chalks (dustless chalks).