June's new releases

The month of June makes us eager to go outside and enjoy the warm weather with friends or family while sipping on a good cocktail. And what better way to fully enjoy these sweet moments of relaxation than by gathering around a new exciting board game (!!!)


So here is, for you, our top 4 selection of the best new releases to test this month.

1. Kezao / Pixie Games

2 players and more / 6+ / 20 min

A game of observation and speed for young and old.

"With blue, but without yellow": be the fastest to place a card that respects the combination of colours displayed by the two dice.

A simple, fun and fast card game with modern and elegant graphics that stimulates the sense of observation and reflexes!

2. Pizza Rush / Matagot 

3 to 8 players / 7+ / 30 min

Pizza Rush is a fast-paced pizza-making-themed strategy card game where players make a stack of pizzas and race to claim the greatest pizza chef card.

Each player must strive to get rid of their pizza topping cards by piling them onto pizza base cards in order to win.

But knowing when to save toppings for later could prevent players from getting stuck, as each topping placed onto a pizza must be higher in value than the previous topping placed!

Once a round is complete, players are rewarded (or punished) for their performance by receiving game-changing pizza chef cards that change the gameplay for the following round.

This cycle can continue until a designated final round decides an ultimate winner.

3. Lucky Jack / Pixie Games

2 to 6 players / 8+ / 20 min

Chance, risk-taking and bluffing, this is the proposed cocktail!

Collect as many points as possible by knocking down 3 (or 4) identical cards!

Find all the intensity of slot machines concentrated in a card game. A subtle mix of tactics and luck.

The goal of the game: quickly discard your cards to be the first to place your last 3 (or 4) cards displaying the same symbol.

4.  Bangkok / Pixie Games

1 to 4 players / 9+ / 20 min 

Create the best floating market in all of Bangkok!

In Bangkok, you play as a trader who builds his floating market.

You must maneuver well in the port to choose the most advantageous boats and goods and place them wisely in your market.

The player who makes the most profitable deal wins the game.