July's new releases - kids edition

July is going to be hot, hot, hot!

To give you a little taste, here are some suggestions for games for the whole family that will amuse young and old alike this summer!

1. Farm & Furious / Loki

2 to 5 players / 7+ / 10 min

Ready for the relay race? Use the skills of the animals on your team at the right time to take home the trophy!

Ducklings, chickens, rabbits, dogs and roosters: All the animals are ready to go.

Cocoricooo! The start is given, it's up to you! Run the right animals at the right time and make your team win!

Farm & Furious is a delirious racing game that will delight both young and old.

2. Tentacolor / Loki

2 to 4 players / 5+ / 15 min

Pay attention to the colors and choose your cards carefully.

Be the first to discover your own Tentacolor.

4. Primo Ludo's Collection / Djeco

1 to 2 players / 2.5+ / Eduludo's Collection

A very first simple and fun game to manipulate colors.

To win bear cubs, your child must find their mother.

It's simple: each mum wears the color of her 3 cubs. There are 2 game modes: a first "learning" mode to discover colors on your own with the help of an adult and a second "speed game" mode for 2 players!

3. Foil Pictures / Pretty Wood

Arts & Crafts / 6+

4 adorable animals to decorate with metallic sheets.

Your child identifies the areas to add the foil to by following the colour-coded instructions on the designs.

Using the tool provided, they can peel off the film covering the sticky surface, and place the foil on top.

As if by magic, the foil becomes a part of the picture, and the designs begin to gleam.