3 new releases for Halloween

Here are 3 games for a successful Halloween night with friends !

When we think of autumn, we think of the leaves changing color, the temperature that gets cooler, and also ... HALLOWEEN !

And what better way to spend an exceptional Halloween night with friends than a themed board game that will immediately get you in the mood !

We have therefore prepared a wonderful selection of three themed games for Halloween to make your party with friends a success !

Escape Room Theme

Theme Escape Rooms In recent years, Escape Rooms have been gaining in popularity, and with good reason! Are you a fan of strong sensations and adrenaline? This line of games is for you !



EXIT (fr)

1 to 6 players / 12 years old and over / 45 minutes

EXIT is a game that takes the sensations of "Escape Games".

Equipped with clues, equipment and a decoder, your mission will be to exit the game as quickly as possible.

EXIT is more than a game: it is a unique immersive experience in which you will have to demonstrate cooperation, observation and logic!

And what is even GREATER is that it is a range containing several scenarios! Hours and hours of fun guaranteed!

  • The corpse of the Orient-Express
  • The Dread Catacombs
  • The Abandoned Cabin
  • The Sinister Manor
  • The Horror Park
  • And much more ! To discover all the possible escapes, it's HERE!

Puzzle Games Theme

If you love solving puzzles and you brainstorm in a sordid and gloomy atmosphere, this game is sure to entertain you!


by Kikigagne?

Black Stories (fr)

2 to 20 players / 14 years old and over / 20 minutes

50 creepy puzzles, 50 Black Stories, 31 crimes, 49 corpses, 11 murderers, 12 suicides and a fatal meal!

These are the ingredients of the 50 story-riddles that we offer you.

Here is an example: "A woman dies because she was on the phone too long"

It's up to YOU ??to find out what happened by asking questions of the riddle master, who only answers yes or no.

"Was the woman in a cabin? Was she murdered? Was she depressed? Married?"

You will not be able to do without this terrifying game!

Survival Game Theme

Warning ! This survival game will test your limits and your abilities to negotiate treacherous characters in order to escape alive from this dreadful futuristic world.


by Matagot

1 to 6 players / 10 years old and over / 30 minutes

25 rooms - 10 game turns - 4 prisoners - 2 guards - 1 single exit!

In this futuristic game show, you are on the line for your life. Trapped in a 25 room prison, you must find the exit, Room 25.

But one of you might be hiding your game and could be one of the treacherous prison guards who will do anything to keep you from getting out of there alive.

Cooperative game or almost ... because there may be a traitor, the movements are pre-programmed by the players which calls for discussions, negotiations, but also allows betrayal.

5 game modes:



By team



Players, beware !