Here's our suggestions for gift Ideas 3-5 years old

Little Action

by Djeco

Credit : @yogoplayshop

Little Action is a challenge game!

Build a pyramid, play bowling, throw and catch,… .. so many small challenges to succeed in order to win medals!

A very first game of action, manipulation and skill for the little ones.

Ze Totanimo 

by Djeco

Credit : @yogoplayshop

Ze Totanimo is an educational game in which your children are led to create animal totems with the wooden pieces by reproducing the requested models.

A game of balance and dexterity containing 6 colorful wooden animals and 20 models with 3 levels of difficulty to exercise motor skills!

A fun and educational activity around this wooden toy: the perfect gift for your coconuts!

Doodle It Book

by Jaq Jaq Bird

The erasable book Doodle It Book of 8 pages offers an endless landscape for the creative energy of your children!

It's great for home, travel, dining, and just about anywhere your child has downtime.

It comes with 4 ButterStix chalks (dust free chalks).

Puzzles géants 

by Djeco

* Model: The Princess Tower

Puzzles with oversized pieces, but not only that! A second activity is invited in each box: textures to discover, small animals to detach or a search and find game to have fun counting!

There is something for every taste !

Magnetic's / Géoforme

by Djeco


A pretty wooden case containing 42 magnetic wooden pieces and 24 models to have fun reproducing all kinds of shapes: characters, animals, vehicles and scenes!

The child opens the box and places the pieces directly on one of the two metal sides to reproduce and create all the shapes.



You must be the first Taxi driver to return all of their passengers to their destinations.

But beware!

Although they don't know your route, other drivers will try to make it more difficult for you by barring the streets, changing one-way streets, or even changing locations with you.

Will you do like them?

But beware, the pitfalls you place could also harm you!