Here are our Gift Ideas for a successful family party!

Eating chips and avoiding talking politics aren't the only two things you can do at a family Christmas party!

To avoid becoming stiff and to occupy both adults and children while waiting for Christmas Eve, here is our favorite selection of party games to fully enjoy your family moments!

7 Families

by Djeco

Age : 6+

A Happy Families game where players journey across the world and meet amazing animals.

Each family represents a continent or particular geographical area, with players learning about 42 different animals and having fun along the way.

Lucky Numbers

by Tiki Editions

Age : 8+

Your challenge in Lucky Numbers is to fill your grid first, but you never know which tiles you'll have to work with!

To set up, take a set of tiles numbered 1-20 for each player in the game, then shuffle all of these tiles face down.

Each player has a 4x4 grid, and to complete set up, each player takes four tiles at random, then places them in order from low to high down the diagonal that goes from upper left to lower right.

On a turn, you take either a face-down tile from the pile or a face-up tile from the table.

You can :

  1. Place this tile in an empty space in your grid
  2. Swap this tile for a tile already in the grid
  3. Discard this tile face-up on the table. 

However, all tiles in your grid must obey one rule at all times: A tile must be higher in value that any tile directly above it or to its immediate left and lower in value that any tile directly below it or to its immediate right.

Whoever first fills their grid with sixteen tiles wins. If the draw pile runs out, then whoever has the most tiles in their grid wins !

Rumble in The House

by Flatlined Games

Age : 8+

Difficult to live together in a small house ... When the pressure rises, it's a fight!

Try to keep your character a secret for as long as possible in the house.

Rumble in the House is a very simple deduction and bluff game for the whole family.

The twelve characters are placed in the house at the start of the game.

Each player is assigned two secret characters among those present in the house. One can in turn move or eliminate one of the characters in play.

The player who has kept one of his characters in play for the longest time will postpone the round.

During the game, the actions of other players provide clues to their identity, or false leads left on purpose. Everyone tries to guess which are the characters of the other players to eliminate them, while preserving their own.

Caty Mini

by MJ Games

Age : 5+

Caty Mini is a great game for the whole family because adults will not get bored while playing it with children.

The cats move from piece of furniture to piece of furniture following the unrolling ball.

Players earn points for each toy their cat walks over. By artfully playing your furniture tiles, you can plan the cats' route and earn points as they pass by the toys!

4 game boards

4 coils

4 strings

20 furniture tiles

50 toy tokens

1 starting player marker

1 rule


by Matagot

Age : 8+

At the imperial court of Japan, a long time ago ...

After long quarrels, relations between China and Japan are finally in good shape.

To celebrate this agreement, the Chinese emperor gave his Japanese counterpart a sacred animal, a Chinese giant panda, a symbol of peace.

The Emperor of Japan entrusts the players, his courtiers, with the delicate mission of taking care of the animal by creating a bamboo grove for it.

The players will cultivate plots of land, irrigate them and grow one of the three varieties of bamboo (green, yellow and pink) through the gardener.

They will have to deal with the sacred animal and its immoderate taste for crunchy stems and tender leaves ...

The player who will grow the most bamboo, manage their plots as well as possible and satisfy the panda's delicate appetite will win the game!


by Boom

Age : 5+

You must be the first Taxi driver to return all of their passengers to their destinations.

But beware ! Although they don't know your route, other drivers will try to make it more difficult for you by barring the streets, changing one-way streets, or even changing locations with you.

Will you do like them?

Beware: the pitfalls you place could also harm you!

Hours and hours of family fun!