Top 5 new release

Discover our October's new releases !

You guessed it, the color season is upon us !

It's time to get together with friends or family, at the cottage or at home, and take advantage of the cooler weather! And what better for this occasion than a good mulled wine, a tasty raclette and an excellent board game !

This is why we are offering you a Top 5 of our best new releases for the month of October 2021 so that you can fully enjoy the fall season !


by FunForge

1 to 4 players / 8 years old and over / 30 minutes to 60 minutes

Welcome to Sagani where the harmony between the natural elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire is the central objective of the spirits who inhabit this world.

These spirits spend most of their time in their vessel-shaped dwellings. But when the elements are brought into balance, the spirits emerge from their vessels and show themselves in their prime. Each spirit embodies one of the four elements and influences the harmony between them.

In Sagani, as you and your opponents create this colorful and harmonious world using your sound discs, the spirits become fully visible. Every spirit that shows up also brings you closer to victory.

(Only available in French)



Last Message (en)

3 to 8 players / 8 years old and over / about 15 minutes

A crime has just been committed! The victim is unable to speak - but she can draw, and in doing so, she will ideally help detectives guess who in the vast crowd is the criminal! But this devious character will do anything and everything to cover his tracks, so can you stop him before the last message?

To give clues during a trick, the victim has 30 seconds to draw and write in a 3x3 grid - but before giving these clues, the criminal can secretly erase some of these drawings. If the criminal is not identified at the end of the fourth turn, he wins the game; otherwise, the detectives and the victim win.


by OYA

2 to 5 players / 7 years old and over / 30 minutes

Discover the game Inspector Leflair, a deduction and cooperation game for ages 7 and up. Put on your detective coats and give and interpret clues by matching ideas and getting creative.

Together you have 5 investigations to solve. Each time, one of you is Inspector Leflair who gives clues to the other players. It's up to them to interpret them and come to the right conclusions.

The rules are extremely simple but the tension is palpable, the slightest error in judgment and the investigation fails. Experience and a good team spirit will surely allow you to reach the rank of Master Detective.


by Matagot

2 to 8 players / 8 years old and over / 20 minutes

Create your own path to find the path of divine wisdom. The hardest part will be to stay on your way at all costs, without leaving the plateau! Build your path and follow it to go as far as possible on the sacred road.

But beware: a little carelessness, a wrong choice of tiles, or a tile placed by an opponent can cause you to deviate. And if you reach the edge of the board or collide with another player, that's it for you.

In his turn, each player places a tile from his hand to build and extend his path on a 6x6 grid. Once placed, he must advance his pawn as far as possible by following his own route, represented by the line on which he is . The path only stops when it encounters an empty space contained in the game grid, or if it collides with another player's chip.

As the game progresses, a limited choice of tiles or a tile placed by an opponent can extend your own path in a direction you would have preferred to avoid. If your pawn reaches the edge of the board or collides with another player's, the game is over for you!

The object of the game is to be the last player on the board, trying to lead your opponents to meet or pursue their own path off the board while protecting yourself from their maneuvers.



2 to 8 players / 10 years old and over / 10 to 30 minutes 

Tibom is a fun and fast paced game where you have to get rid of all your letter cards, before any other player, by matching them to the category on the table.

Make other players draw cards by winning DUELS and playing special cards.

Be careful with the Time Bomb!

-Fast pace

-Easy to play

- Perfect for any occasion

-Extremely fun!

Have a good game !