Our classics revisited to start the year off right!

Who says new year says novelty!

But before thinking about renewal and change, it's always good to go back to basics and recall fond memories of the past. If you are nostalgic like us, this section is for you!

In order to start the year off on the right foot, we invite you to revisit the good old classics that brought us so much fun and laughter!

Here are 6 of our best classics to absolutely review in this new year 2022!

Abyss / Bombyx

2 to 4 / 12+ / 60 minutes

For centuries, creatures have reigned supreme in the depths of the oceans.

Their Kingdom, Abyss, is respected by all allied peoples, happy to find protection against the fearsome underwater monsters.

Soon the Throne will be vacant ... What if this is the time to take you?

Hurry up ! Only a few days left before the appointment of the future monarch. To extend your influence and appear as the one and only recourse, explore, recruit, control...

Yokai / Bankiiiz Éditions

2 to 4 / 8+ / 20 minutes

There's confusion among the Yokai!

These Japanese spirits have become intermingled in Yokai, and to calm them, you have to group together members of the same family.

They're hiding, however, so to carry out your task successfully, you have to be clever and not make any noise to avoid frightening them...

Rail Road Ink - Red / Horrible Guild

1 to 6 / 8+ / 30 minutes

In Railroad Ink, your goal is to connect as many exits on your board as possible.

Roll the dice to determine which kind of road and railway routes are available this round, then draw the routes on your erasable boards to create transport lines and connect your exits!

Try to optimize the available symbols better than your opponents: the more exits you connect, the more points you score at the end of the game, but you lose points for each incomplete route, so plan carefully!

Takenoko / Matagot

2 to 4 / 8+ / 45 minutes

At the Japanese Imperial court, a long long time ago...

After a long series of disputes, diplomatic relations between Japan and China are finally on the mend. In order to properly celebrate this alliance, the Chinese Emperor gifted to his Japanese counterpart a sacred animal, a Giant Panda bear, a symbol of peace.

The Japanese Emperor has entrusted his court members (the players), with the difficult task of caring for the animal by setting up his bamboo garden.

The players will cultivate the land plots, irrigate them and grow one of the three species of bamboo (Green, Yellow and Pink) with the help of the Imperial gardener. They will have to bear with the ravenous hunger of the sacred animal for the juicy and tender bamboo...

The player who grows the most bamboo, managing his land plots best while feeding the delicate Panda will win the game!

Room-25 : VIP / Matagot

1 to 8 / 10+ / 30 minutes

The most dangerous TV show ever comes back with a new gameplay.

A Very Important Person is coming to upset everything.

As with the suspicion mode in the Ultimate expansion, the VIP is part of the team of prisoners ; he is revealed after the roles distribution.

Forced to move, the VIP does not program his actions, thus becoming a dangerous and subtle player.

Offering 5 new exclusive rooms, this audacious extension for Room 25 is waiting for you to honor its VIP.