Discover our Christmas stocking gift ideas for older ones !

The Mind 

by OYA

Age : 8+

With The Mind, build a growing line of numbers with the other players.

Play together, but without any communication!

Feel the game and be patient!

Decktesctive 3 : Miroir de cauchemar

by Super Meeple

Age : 12+

Danielle Dove has been kidnapped!

Fortunately, it was a resourceful young woman who found a way to call for help.

You have to act fast to be able to save her!

Look for clues: newspaper clippings, photos, testimonials ... investigate, and present your most plausible theory to explain what happened.

Can you successfully gather the evidence to find the key to the mystery?

Loopy Looper

by Blue Orange

Age : 8+

Loopy Looper is the ultimate evolution of skill games!

Whether you are looking for a moment of zen, concentration or, on the contrary, you want to clear your head, there is a Loopy Looper for every situation!

The Hoop offers you two formulas in one: use it to boost your concentration at high speed, or to make baskets!

Two games in one, double the fun!

Ideal for quick, small challenges that fit in the palm of your hand.

So how many baskets will you make?

Loopy Hoopie

by Blue Orange

Age : 5+

The Loopy Hoopies are the perfect ball turnstiles for the little ones!

These skill gadgets have the same basic concept as the original Loopy Looper, but the ball stays securely locked in the loop, which is perfect for practicing spinning. With 3 collectible colors and a tactile rotating ring to manipulate, Loopy Hoopies are perfect for little ones!

For Sale


Age : 10+

Real estate agents are sharks?

For Sale is an accessible and smart auction game!

Buy houses at the lowest price ... and sell them for huge profits.

Can you best estimate the value of goods to win the biggest checks?

Color Addict

by France Cartes

Age : 7+

The aim of the game ?

Get rid of all your cards by putting them down by association by superimposing words or colors!

It's a simple game, very dynamic and super fun! Perfect for the whole family!