3 happy hour games to enjoy the terraces

Were you looking forward to the terraces?

Us, yes! It gives a good excuse to gather with friends or family and enjoy the outdoors, after several months at home!

This is why we have decided to prepare a small top 3 of our suggestions for the best happy hour games. Whether in your garden, in the park or at the local bar, these games will liven up your happy hour.


1 to 4 players / 14+ / 10 min

Kluster is a game of skill that is fast, portable, devilishly fun, extremely simple, accessible to all and yet brimming with strategy!

The magnetic stones are evenly distributed between the players, who must take turns placing a stone in the area bounded by the rope. The first to lay all his stones wins. But be careful, when stones are magnetized during a player's turn, he picks them up!

Simple isn't it? Yet the tricks and dirty tricks are legion. Sooner or later, the playing surface will become a real magnetic minefield where the slightest wrong move will be costly!

PIGASUS / Brain games

2 to 8 players / 7+ / 20 min

Pigasus takes place in a crazy world where the animals appear as combinations of what we know. Is that a giraffe or is that a gorilla? Or is it both?

Pigasus is a quick reaction game where you have to find a pair of cards that are a mix of the same animal but in different combinations.

Have the quickest eye and try to collect the most pairs, all the while trying not to laugh too hard at the weird animals.

TIBOM / Top-Top Games

2 to 8 players / 10+ / 30 min

Tibor is a fun and fast game where you have to get rid of all your letter cards, before any other player, by matching them to the category on the table.

Have other players draw cards by winning DUELS and playing special cards. But be careful, be careful with the Time Bomb!

This easy-to-play and the oh-so-fun game is perfect for any occasion!

Good happy hour!