Great success at the Spring Salon at AQIJ

Last weekend, just like many members of the game and toy industry in Quebec, we attended the AQIJ Spring Salon. What a wonderful weekend, surrounded by our colleagues, clients, and partners, all as passionate as we are! Representatives Fabien and Julia are sharing their impressions of this event:  


"Always delighted to see clients, many of whom have become good friends. Overall, all the games showcased on the tables were a big hit, with some personal favorites (varying according to individual tastes) such as: Odin, World Wonders, Kronologic, High Score, Balloon Pop, Mino Dice (which provided me with much enjoyment during the game night), Linx, House of Cats, Courtisans, Faraway, Your Cat Schrodinger, Pixies, and Sire Sire. Apart from board games, our plant-based modeling clay, Corello+, was a huge success, undoubtedly due to its features and great price, although I personally think it's mostly due to my superb sculptures..." 

Fabien Mangio 


"At AQIJ, always a pleasure to reconnect with our clients and spend quality time with them. In a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere, we were able to showcase our games and enjoy great company! Marioinex was truly one of the standout favorites! Looking forward to returning in September!" 

Julia Froissart-Michaud 


We look forward to seeing you at the salon this fall in 2024 to discover even more new releases and share enriching moments together!