We rediscover our classics

We invite you to rediscover our classics to start the month of September.

Here are 4 essential games to have in your toy library!



2 to 4 players / 8+ / 45 min

In Takenoko, the Emperor of Japan entrusts the players, and his courtiers, with the delicate mission of taking care of the animal by setting up a bamboo grove for it. Players will cultivate plots of land, irrigate them, and grow one of three varieties of bamboo (green, yellow, and pink) through the gardener.


MJ Games

1 à 4 joueurs / 14+ / 10 min

Kluster is a game of skill that is fast, easy to transport, devilishly fun, extremely simple, accessible to all and yet brimming with strategy!



2 to 4 players / 7+ / 25 min

Assemble the pages of the Codex Naturalis, the secret manuscript which lists the species of the four kingdoms that live in the primary forests. Play and place your cards to use resources, and fulfill the objectives to create the most elaborate manuscript. When a player reaches 20 points or more, the end of the game is triggered.



2 to 4 players / 10+ / 45 min

In the heart of a valley worn down by human activity, help nature recover from its panache!

In Hibachi, your mission is to revive the forest and its different areas using your animal dominoes and Tree meeples of different sizes. It's up to you to optimize your hand of dominoes as well as possible, to develop your expansion strategy and block that of your opponents, and to cleverly manage your Trees, which are a limited resource!