Camping games - kids edition

Ah! Vacations...It's time to relax with the family and get out of town to enjoy the fresh air! A little camping trip, anyone?

We offer you games and toys to carry between your sleeping bag and your beach towels to have fun during the day or around the fires in the evening for your marshmallow evenings!

1. Kite - Maxi Butterfly / Djeco


Maxi Butterfly is a giant kite with shimmering colors in the shape of a butterfly. It looks great in the sky!

2. Dino Draft / Djeco

2 to 4 players / 6+ / 10 min

Stegosaurus, triceratops, brachiosaurus and pterodactyls are out.

In this strategy game, the cards circulate from hand to hand and at each turn, you can only keep one.

The compact box is ideal for travel and fits easily in a travel bag!

3. Stamps for toddlers - Garden animals / Djeco


4 ergonomic and self-inking stamps created by Djeco.

A foam grip specially adapted for small hands and self-inking stamps that mark well.

Perfect to carry with you in the bag during downtime to entertain your minis!

4. Magic coloring - Animalo-Ma / Djeco


A water-based colouring set!

Your child uses the water-filled pencil to color in the white areas of the animals and discover what is hiding underneath.

Suddenly, patterns appear and the colours change - it’s like magic! Once the pages are dry, the fun starts all over again!