August's new releases - kids edition

The month of August has just come to an end. It smells like the end of summer...but at ÎLO, we still want to enjoy it.

So here are our top 4 selections of new products for the month of August that will allow you to have fun and enjoy the summer to the end.

Animalo-Len / Djeco


A water-based colouring set specially designed for children aged 18 months and over.

Children use the water-filled pencil to colour in the white areas of the animals and discover what is hiding underneath. Suddenly, patterns appear and the colours change - it’s like magic! Once the pages are dry, the fun starts all over again! 

Monstre toi / Djeco

1 to 4 players / 6+ / 15 min

What do all of these monsters have in common?

A keen sense of observation and an elephant's memory will be required to find the similarities in this band of merry monsters.

This observation and memory game offers you double-sided cards that make the memorization mechanism more complex.

An FSC® certified paper and cardboard product.

Memo Wood / Djeco


A wild animal-themed memory game! Your child must memorize and find the pairs of animals.

Whoever finds the most pairs wins!

An ideal educational game from 2 years old to learn while having fun.

Anijumble / Djeco


What a mess!

A mad scientist has created funny chimeras with the head of one animal and the body of another!

Be the fastest to piece together real animals.

A fast-paced game of observation and speed.

An FSC® certified paper and cardboard product.