April's new releases

Avril is slowly showing the tip of her nose.


And who says new month says... new releases!

This month, we've put together a list of suggestions with exciting games that are sure to impress you with their dynamic mechanics.

  1.  Aquarena / Geek Attitude Game

2 to 6 players / 8+ / 30 min

Countryside ponds are little slices of paradise where everything is calm and peaceful. Or so it seems...

For pond’s people, this poetic backdrop represents a daily struggle for survival, where it’s “eat or be eaten”!

Aquarena shows us what the food chain near a pond looks like. Carefully position your predators around the pond, so they can catch their favorite prey. But beware: they too can fall prey to other predators.

2. Fjords / Matagot

2 to 4 players / 8+ / 45 min

Immerse yourself in the heart of the era of great Viking explorations! The members of your clan are counting on you to discover the borders of the Fjords and settle your people there permanently.

Compose the map during the first phase of the game.

Each tile will create a unique landscape for each game which will very quickly be punctuated with Viking Longhouses, necessary for the extension of your territory. The second phase of the game invites players to propagate their Vikings from the buildings placed previously.

The secret runes can then intervene and modify placements and points. Each tile earns points and the player who has the most once the placement of the Vikings is finished wins the game!

3. Hidden Leaders / Matagot

2 to 6 / 10+ / 40 min

The island of Oshra is in turmoil.

Following the death of the Emperor, the conflict between the Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army escalated.

While the Water People try to maintain balance between the old rivals, the Undead aim to escalate the war. All hope rests on the six children of the Emperor: Who of them will claim the throne?

In Hidden Leaders, you take the role of one of six secret leaders, each of them is allied with two of the four factions/colors. By playing heroes into your tableau, either openly or secretly, you influence the outcome of the conflict.

Each player who is aligned with the winning faction can claim the victory. However, they must have more heroes of this color than any competitor.

Hidden Leaders is a quick, light strategy card game with direct player interaction. It combines tableau building and deduction elements with its unique winning mechanism. This is a game of great tension with no-down time, that’s fast to learn. Its distinctive artwork and character names will make you smile.

4. Krom Evolution / MJ Games

2 to 6 / 7+ / 40 min 

Krom tells a prehistory that is not at all serious! It's a board game that's family friendly, strategic and ... a little crazy.

Resource management, placement, a bit of fighting and a pinch of bluffing will allow the most resourceful to win! Climb the mountain, go foraging in the forest, hunt wild creatures in the savannah or rest in the cave.

Collect resources that will allow you to create unlikely inventions and win.