5 fun activities for your little ones this spring

Spring rhymes with fun!

To celebrate the arrival of the sunny season, we suggest 4 fun activities to do with your little ones to make the most of the good weather and family time.

      1. Pin Pon !


2 to 4 players / 3+ / 15 min


The siren has just sounded in the barracks because a fire has broken out! Can you help the firefighters arrive in time to put out the flames and save the house?

• A cooperative game to learn to play, win or lose together.

• A big fun fire truck to handle.

• Nominated for the As d'Or for Games of the Year in the Children's category, Pin Pon! worth the detour.


      2. My First Collages


18 months+

A first collage activity for toddlers, from 18 months.

Thick forms easy to detach, to stick on the pretty illustrations, to make 4 paintings.

• Large, thick, pre-cut cardboard pieces: easy to detach for little hands.

• An explanatory booklet in color and only in images.

• Develops dexterity.

• Enables the learning of shapes.

      3. Doodle It

          Jaq Jaq Bird


Here is a range of award-winning reusable coloring books filled with famous paintings.

Our Doodle it Book, it contains eight pages and a dust-free chalk that will allow your minis to give free rein to their imagination!

      4. Inspired by


For all ages

Discover the work of Vincent Van Gogh? Scratch cards that offer to discover the style of Gustav Klimt, great Master of Art Nouveau? A painting activity that offers to discover the style of Paul Gauguin, great post-impressionist master?

Creative activities accessible to as many people as possible to initiate themselves into the world of Art. Illustrators draw inspiration from and bring to light the work of the great masters.