A Walk in the Park (en-fr)


Come take a walk through Sydney’s famous Royal Botanic Garden, in this little sister game to "The Gardens"! Follow the paths through the gardens and see how many statues, ponds and ibises you can see – possibly scoring points for each! Catch a glimpse of a famous Sydney landmark for extra ways to score and to gain special abilities. Once a player has seen 6 landmarks, or 6 ibises have landed on the grass, the game will end. A Walk in the Park is a stroll-and-write game. Each turn, a die will be rolled to show players what feature they must draw in their park. Players will race to different sightseeing spots while trying to find the best way to explore the parklands. The player with the most points (depending on which scoring methods they have unlocked) will win!


UPC : 614019975619

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Number of players: 2 and more
Language: EN
Language: FR
Ages: 10 years
Duration: 20 to 30 min
Publishers: Matagot
New Releases: _2023
Categories: ALL
Sub-categories: Family games
Categories: GAMES

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