Mini Waffle - 141 Constructor Expert (EN)


Building blocks for little ones (and those who are older as well!) who love to build. With the Mini Waffle Konstruktor Expert 141 set, there is almost no limit to what you can build! The diverse shapes of the parts for special use and the large quantity of those parts mean that three-dimensional shapes of vehicles, structures, and characters can be built using the instructions that come with the set. Your child will build a house, windmill, aeroplane, train, or helicopter with the zeal and expertise of a true professional. If they have the inclination, they will create any form, using solely their imagination. The set includes a bag which is a practical means of storing the blocks, to prevent them getting lost. The bag can also be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees – making it even easier to keep the blocks really clean. The set is made up of as many 141 parts, and develops a child’s imagination and manual dexterity, and teaches them to think logically. The benefits of the Mini Waffle Konstruktor Expert 141: · as many as 141 parts! · plenty of blocks with extra shapes, for special use · an extra bag for the blocks · it prompts imagination and creativity · it enables learning and development through play · it provides hours of fun · it is suitable for girls and for boys · it is 100% safe · delightful play for children and adults · option of building in 2D and 3D · blocks of an innovative size · building blocks made in Poland · blocks and packaging made of recyclable materials

5 903 033 904 053

UPC : 5 903 033 904 053

Language: EN
Ages: 3 years
Publishers: Marioinex
New Releases: _2023
Categories: ALL
Sub-categories: Construction

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