Mini Waffle - 140 pcs (EN)


Building blocks for which the only limit is imagination! Give your child endless hours spent in creative play, making figures, objects, and anything they can dream of. The enclosed instructions contain inspiring ideas for building forms delightful for children. The set contains as many as 140 pieces. It develops a child’s imagination and manual dexterity, and teaches logical thinking. The benefits of the Mini Waffle 140 set: as many as 140 pieces! it prompts imagination and creativity it enables learning and development through play it provides hours of fun it is suitable for girls and for boys it is 100% safe delightful play for children and adults building blocks made in Poland


UPC : 5903033902134

Language: EN
Ages: 2 years
Publishers: Marioinex
New Releases: _2023
Categories: ALL
Sub-categories: Construction

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