Puzzle Universe - 1000p : Shallow Waters (#17)


This illustration was born from the artist's love for water. Love nourished by the malleable character of water which adapts perpetually to marry all the forms which surround it. Water is a recurring subject in his works. There was no greater desire than to create a soothing illustration and to materialize this soothing and intimate relationship she shares with water and its movement. Key points: - An immersive and relaxing experience in rich, modern and captivating worlds - A highlight of the illustrators' work with an invitation to travel and discover - A "Soft Touch" finish for a unique touch made in Europe


UPC : 3701551701336

Number of players: 2 and more
Language: EN
Language: FR
Publishers: IELLO
New Releases: _2023
Categories: ALL
Categories: GAMES
Categories: PUZZLE
Sub-categories: Puzzles

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