Toko Island (EN-FR)


Together with your friends, you sail towards a mysterious island, in search of old relics. You managed to obtain a map of this magnificent paradise and various researchers and scientists have asked you to bring back valuable treasures for them. In Toko Island, players need to work together to collect 10 Treasure cards before they run out of tools! • Innovative cooperative memory game • 4 modes (3 difficulty levels for each) • By award-winning authors Marie & Wilfried Fort (Dragomino, M. Wolf) Illustrated by Sandie Sénac-Retaud


UPC : 7640139533029

Number of players: 1 to 4
Language: EN
Language: FR
Ages: 6 years
Duration: 30 min
Publishers: Helvetiq
New Releases: _2023
Categories: ALL
Sub-categories: Cooperation games
Sub-categories: Family games
Categories: GAMES

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