4 senses / Wooden


The awesome gaming-in-the-dark experience Slip on a ete-mask or play with your eyes closed. Take turns placing differently-shapped wooden pieces on the game board. Forget about trying to see and use your memory to imagine what you are touching with your fingertips! Be the first player to achieve one of three winning confitions: line up 4 identical pieces in a row, line up 4 differet pieces on the same level, or create 3 rising steps - 1-2-3. Classy game. Innovative twist. quality Material. Four Senses is a classy wooden game with an innovative twist. Players get the hang of the rules in no time and experience feelings previously unknown to them. Not a lot of games can claim this. It is also suitable for visually-impaired players and don't be surprised if they win. Imagination is their fifth sense!


UPC : 7640139532008

Number of players: 2 to 3
Language: EN
Language: FR
Ages: 8 years
Duration: 15 minutes
Publishers: Helvetiq
New Releases: _2020
Sub-categories: Abstract games
Categories: ALL
Sub-categories: Family games
Categories: GAMES

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