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Save the birds! Night falls, and the birds are still far from their nests! Young ornithologists, join forces and your memory to help them find their natural habitats before the owls wake up. Fly home! is a cooperative game that combines observation and memory, with a dose of chance. Turn over the cards and look for the common characteristics between the birds: webbed feet or talons, white or orange plumage, migratory or sedentary… Everyone has something in common with their neighbours! Can you remember the position of the birds? Or will you take risks by looking for other birds? Binoculars will help you, but be careful, owls are on the prowl... The perfect game to learn more about the little feathered creatures that inhabit our gardens and forests. Become knowledgeable about birds!


UPC : 7640139533128

Number of players: 1 to 4
Language: EN
Ages: 6 years
Life Style: Helvetiq
New Releases: _2023
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Sub-categories: Cooperation games
Sub-categories: Family games
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