Kamon (multi) / abstract game


Creator Bruno Cathala Illustrator Tom Delahaye An interactive strategy game where you will take an ever-growing pleasure in combining logic, finesse and reflection. Use the symbols and colours as a compass to guide your strategy or get around the traps set by your opponents. To win, connect two edges of the board, circle or block your opponent. Develop your strategy within the constraints of the Kamons. Strength of the game : - Configuration of the board renewable at each game - 3 victory modes - Strategic and fun - Can be learned in a minute and played forever - Abstract game


UPC : 3770015431034

Number of players: 2
Language: EN
Language: FR
Ages: 8 years
Duration: 10 minutes
Éditeur: Cosmoludo
New Releases: _2022
Sub-categories: Abstract games
Categories: ALL
Categories: GAMES

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