Lueur - Glow (multi)*

Lueur - Glow (multi)

In one night, the darkness has thickened. The green of the trees and the silhouette of the volcanoes are no longer distinguishable and there is no sound. To dispel the darkness to restore the colors requires many flashes of light. Adventurers are born and trained for this: to master the power of the elements, to choose their companions, to find the way to the lighted places. But only one of them will become a legend. Contents: 1 large board, 1 small board, 30 dice, 53 cards, 98 cardboard pieces, 41 wooden pieces


UPC : 13760267990882

Number of players: 2 to 4
Language: EN
Language: FR
Ages: 10 years
Duration: 45 min
Publisher: Bombyx
New Releases: _2021
Categories: ALL
Categories: GAMES
Sub-categories: Intermediate games